By carefully adjusting your car’s software and altering the parameters, the performance of the engine will improve significantly. More torque, more power, higher top speed and lower fuel consumption.

Chiptuning Plus

Order a Rica Stage Tuning for your vehicle and get 50% discount on every add-on service you add. Start/Stop Delete, Transmission modifications, EGR Delete, DPF Delete, Pops & Bangs and more!

Custom tuning

With custom tuning, we reprogram the car on the dyno according to your wishes. On the dyno we can see with the help of data logging where there is still room for extra power or possible improvements. Throttle response, rpm limiters, maximum torque and power can all be adjusted.


Did you know that you can tune your car yourself with reserves of 100% dealer service? This is quick, easy and secure with the RICA iSoftloader. 

Gearbox remapping

With the tuning or remapping of the gearbox software, we can adjust the shifting moments (eg excessive up shifting and late downshifting) and many other options.

Standalone management

Rica Engineering has over 30 years experience in tuning engines and we are highly experienced in most brands of engine management systems.


Sport exhaust systems are a simple but effective way to improve the performance of your car. 

Pops & Bangs

Pops & Bangs, Crackle Maps, Burble Maps, Exhaust Crackle, whatever you want to call it, you will hear it for sure! This software modification produces the well-known popping sound when you release your accelerator.

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